Taste of Korea Tuesdays

This is where I will be posting, hopefully weekly, about the wonderful sweet and savoury treats I have been sampling here in Korea. The food here is endlessly varied and delicious. Why not explore it through my eyes and get inspired?

An abundance of fruit: Oh, the delicious fruits to be had. Grapes, peaches, Asian pears, crisp apples, sweet persimmons, bananas, kiwis, oh my!

 Sweets and treats: Korea does not leave those with a sweet tooth empty-handed, although one may encounter some unfamiliar choices.

What’s cooking in my Korean kitchen?: Tl;dr shakshuka, spring rolls, egg-and-toast combos and an ungodly amount of pancakes (not featured).

Donkatsu, haejangguk, mandu, gimbap!: There’s a reason these dishes are found everywhere.

Discovering Food Alley at Gwangjang market: Let’s discover why Korean marketplace food stalls continually draw in crowds.

Cafes, chicken, and a day at the races? + Pepero Day!: An unlikely trio, and a bonus holiday (the result of a highly successful marketing strategy).

Serious street eats: Street food is a hell of a way to dig into local culture.

It’s strawberry season! (among other treats): Produce from the Southern Hemisphere, bakery treats from my city.

Meals worth staying for: All the standbys and delicious dishes I’m happy to eat again and again.

Guess what, chicken butt?: It’s Christmas season, and that means tart pomegranate, sweet chocolate gifts, and perhaps- that time I ate unusual chicken parts.

Bibimbap!: One of my favourite Korean dishes to order. Fresh veggies, egg, rice and a healthy dose of gochujang- delicious!

Korean-Italian fusion food and thousand-layer crepes: Enjoying a unique dinner with friends in Gangnam.

Keepin’ busy in the kitchen: I finally made up for months of laziness by making my own soups and stews. YUM!

 Cookin’ up a storm: Japchae, doenjang jjigae, gamjatang- oh my!

BEIJING edition!: Back from a trip to China, here’s some of the delicious street food and meals I sampled during my 5-day stay.

Beijing Wangfujing Market edition! (beetles and baozi): Some of the strangest food I tried in China was at the famous Wangfujing Night Market. 🙂




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