Icy winter wonderland: a magical time at the Ice Castles

Hello, readers! I’ve returned to the blogosphere after far too long, motivated by a recent beautiful experience in my own backyard (well, city: at home in Winnipeg). In addition, I managed to retrieve photos from my bike tour I’d written off as lost- it feels fantastic to have access to those again, so stay tuned for more posts from my time cycling in Europe and Asia! 🙂


The Ice Castles are a temporary exhibition (obviously- it won’t be -20C forever!) created in a handful of North American cities this winter. While there wasn’t a whole lot to do, per se, I found the castles to be worth visiting. As evidenced in one photo, my friend Hannah really enjoyed being able to peer up from underneath, appreciating a new vantage point of the massive ice columns. There was a fun little slide, caves, nooks and crannies to explore, a bubbling pool of water, and lights of every hue built into the ice itself.

We arrived during golden hour, a time of day where the sinking sunlight really draws out the blue of the ice. As the sun began to set, the lights twinkled on, and our group made our way to the shops of the Forks for the warmth of hot beverages and good company.


For any Winnipeggers reading this- today and tomorrow are your last chances to visit! Get thee to the Ice Castles while you can. 🙂


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