There’s no place like home: a visit to my family’s farm

AKA my dad’s animals are awesome. This may be a departure from my usual subject matter, but hey, if you’re not a big fan of dogs and/or horses, feel free to skip this post, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😀


My siblings and I were visiting my dad for Thanksgiving. One mid-morning, we went off on an excursion to ensure that the horses enjoyed their daily grain. It was a beautiful late fall day: unusual amounts of rain the month prior had left the mixed-grass prairie rather green for early October.



We were accompanied by Crystal, the world’s most enthusiastic canine assistant. Border collies are without a doubt one of my favourite dogs- they’re incredibly intelligent, alert and friendly and I delight in watching how they perceive their surroundings.



Instead of hopping back in the truck  bed for the return trip, Crystal elected to run alongside the vehicle. Considering we were traveling an average of 20 kilometres an hour over bumpy terrain, she had a fair shot in this race.



What a fantastic dog, really 🙂


Do you have a pet you’ve blogged about before or showcased on Instagram? I’d love to see your posts and photos! Photos of the animals in my life- a kitten named Little Chief, mainly- can be found on my IG.


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