Mission accomplished: a well-deserved Busan break

With mud-splattered calves pedaling furiously against a chilly wind, I was grateful to finally reach the outskirts of Busan. After a stretch of hot, sunny weather, necessitating frequent breaks to snack on ice creams or chummy melons, the weather had turned surprisingly chilly and wet. I’d said goodbye to my life in Seoul six days prior, leaving behind my officetel apartment, ESL job and whatever semblance of security I’d had. Following Jan Boonstra’s route along quiet national highways and portions of the government’s Four Rivers cycling trail, I had completed the 500-kilometre journey in one piece!

Busan was bliss after long days spent on two wheels. I relished hot showers, relaxed walks and the laid-back company of a friend and fellow ESL teacher who kindly hosted me during my stay. She lived near Haeundae beach, along the city’s eastern edge. I was pleasantly surprised at how much natural beauty the city and its beaches, parks and coastline offered. I was not surprised by the abundant and enticing nightlife options- this is Korea’s second-largest city, after all. 🙂

Where was I headed after Busan? Japan, of course! There are many more posts to come, but feel free to check out my posts on Kurashiki and Mie Prefecture so far.


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