Tasmazing! Enjoying the view from Hobart to Launceston

While driving on a solo road trip from Hobart to Launceston, Ross Bridge and its accompanying small town made for a pleasant camping spot for the night. Unfortunately, I’d borrowed a tent from a hostel, and failed to realize until setting it up that evening that the poles were missing from the bag! I curled up in my rented car for a less comfortable sleep.

The town of Ross exuded its own quiet charm, and it was even while contemplating the view from the churchyard that I encountered a cycle-touring couple in their forties, visiting from New Zealand. Perhaps this was the spark that inspired my own cycling voyage later?

I greatly enjoyed my days in Tasmania. Having since visited much more of the world, it’s interesting to look back upon this island state with a medley of perspectives: crisp blue skies and gently rolling hills reminiscent of my prairie childhood or the fields of northern France. A certain quirkiness of humour and gently rolling sheep-dotted hills remind me of my time in Ireland.

While there, I rented a car for a solo road trip from Hobart to Launceston. I enjoyed the slight challenge of adjusting to driving on the left side of the road, and accidentally lost an FM station while grooving to some serious beats- the perils of crisscrossing the not-fully-consistent coverage of radio stations. Being left to silence and my own thoughts amidst such pleasant scenery was hardly a disappointment.

I arrived in Launceston late in the afternoon, cheered by bright blue skies and mild spring warmth. Much of the architecture was brick-based, dating back a hundred years or more. It was a beautiful city to explore!

For more Tasmanian beauty, check out my visit to Wineglass Bay and Bicheno!

Have you visited this unique and lovely part of the world?


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