One night in Singapore, jam-packed with adventure


IMG_0818As I was planning my flight home to Canada after months of traveling around Australia and Asia, I had the option of an overnight layover in Singapore. I’ve slept in airports before, while passing through Atlanta on the way to Honduras, and it was a rather long, boring night. This time, however, I had a Singaporean friend home for the holidays.  With New Year’s decorations sure to make for a colourful and exciting display, it was an exciting time to visit!


Even the airport was decked out, celebrating the Year of the Horse with the help of Spongebob and friends.


My friend Dio met me at the airport, and we cabbed to her family’s apartment to enjoy a meal, complete with her favourite dish: grilled stingray! I was fond of the sweet pineapple treats shown below.



With such a fantastic collection of bookshelves, it was only reasonable that we visited the largest bookstore in Southeast Asia: Singapore’s Kinokuniya!



Our evening led us all around the city as we checked out stores, festive decorations and sampled some street food: in this case, a literal ice cream sandwich. 




We met up with two other Singaporean acquaintances and visited the city’s harbour- who doesn’t know of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel with its infinity pool? The ‘DNA bridge’ in the foreground also made for an impressive sight.



Because of the New Year, a large temporary display had been set up, with inflatable creatures representing all the zodiac animals. It was clearly a family-friendly event, although we’d arrived a little late, as many of the pavilions were in the process of closing up shop.




I enjoyed my fast-paced tour of Singapore, and would love to go back to discover its famous botanical gardens. Have you seen some incredible New Year celebrations in Asian destinations? I caught my flight to Hong Kong the next morning and spent the next five days immersing myself in all that the city had to offer. Check out that post here. 🙂


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