Exploring my own city- life on two wheels, Winnipeg-style


After a few miserable soggy days, the skies cleared up and brought some unseasonably mild late-fall weather to Winnipeg. Crisp, fresh air and vibrant blue skies convinced me to hop on my bike for a journey. And why not, on such a beautiful Sunday afternoon?




I frequently allow my cycling journeys to include a trip across the Fish Bridge, which spans the Assiniboine River to connect Omand Park and River Heights. The Fish Bridge earned its nickname several years ago, when an anonymous street artist painted various indigenous fish! As with Melbourne’s famous laneways, street art in Winnipeg is always in flux. Today, only a few of those fish remain, although they’ve been replaced by interesting alternatives.




Strange to encounter, as I’d just been discussing the odd phenomena of shopping carts abandoned in unlikely places.



I’ve made it my informal mission to discover and document Winnipeg’s cycling infrastructure. As frustrating as battling motorists’ seeming indifference toward those on two wheels, things have been slowly improving. Discovering the European-style Sherbrook Street bike lane after being away for over a year was a welcome surprise.


Harrow @ Wellington Crescent- a signal light just for cyclists and pedestrians!

IMG_1011What a perfect day for a journey on two wheels. 🙂 How have you been enjoying the fall (or spring!) weather in your corner of the world? 


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