Pedaling my way across delightful Dutch countryside


IMG_8732I certainly enjoyed my time traveling across the Netherlands. It’s a country filled with idyllic pastoral scenes, unique architecture, and some of the world’s best cycling infrastructure. I won’t say that getting lost was impossible, but it was certainly much harder with the plethora of routes to follow and helpful signs!


‘a’ and ‘b’ routes refer to long-distance, cross-country routes, while the numbers in circles are knoppunten. These ‘buttons’ are a system of connecting trails that allow cyclists to completely customize their route!



I was having a cappuccino here at 11 am, and a group of neon spandex-clad Dutch cyclists a few tables away were on their second beer! 🙂

IMG_8704IMG_8746 IMG_8715 IMG_8716

Slightly lost, I paused in a small town to ask a large gathering of people for directions. This group was having a baby shower, complete with blue licorice treats and plenty of wine. They invited me to join the party, and one family, the Van Dijks, hosted me for the night. They were wonderful! 🙂



Riding along the top of a canal after leaving the small town of Lage Zwaluwe.


I’d never seen clouds like this before- they split the sky perfectly in half!

IMG_8729IMG_8695 IMG_8688Picnic-style meals were a lot of fun, with fresh bread, cumin cheese, Heineken and STROOPWAFELS! 
IMG_8739 IMG_8742 IMG_8689

The Netherlands was a tremendously pleasant place to bike around, and the ubiquity of quality cycling paths and respectful drivers made touring here a breeze! I’d love to go back. Have you visited this nation of tall, friendly people?


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