Beauty around every turn of Ireland’s Slea Head Drive



Ireland is a beautiful country. From the Cliffs of Moher to Killarney, I never failed to appreciate my gorgeous surroundings.

And with that in mind, let me say that the 42-kilometre Slea Head Drive circuit around the Dingle Peninsula was likely my favourite place in the entire country.


Signs along the way ensured that cyclists and motorists never got lost…


…and aside from the stunning coastal views, there were many attractions to see along the way. I visited a Celtic prehistory museum that had fossils, stonework, metal jewelry, and lots of other historical artifacts. It was a neat place, and a fair deal at 5 euros. IMG_0445IMG_0449The ‘beehive huts’ are ancient dwellings built hundreds if not thousands of years ago. They were repaired and maintained by local groups.


With yogurt produced within the county and blackberries plucked off a bush on the side of the road, my snack was about as local as it gets! 
One of the cutest moments was when I stopped to look at some stonework carved by a local artisan. He was nowhere to be seen, but a border collie was in the yard, keen to play a game of fetch with me. 
IMG_0415 IMG_0416IMG_0505IMG_0425

One of the beaches I stopped at was truly fantastic. The patterns the waves created in the sand looked similar to all sorts of organic patterns- blood vessels, tree branches, river systems- reminding me that we are all interconnected.

IMG_0435IMG_0427 IMG_0456 IMG_0461I couldn’t have done it without my favourite traveling companion! 🙂 

What a stunning part of the world! Have you been to Ireland? Where’s the loveliest place you’ve visited?


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