Brick and blue skies: cycling through northern France



After saying my goodbyes to Paris, which will certainly be making an appearance in future posts, I cycled north, eager to discover what else France had to offer. In the City of Light, I was shown greater kindness than I expected, and I’m pleased to say the majority of French people I encountered on my trip were warm-hearted and helpful.


I found the country to be reasonably bike-friendly. While far from ubiquitious, decent cycling lanes did exist along many roads. Roads without bike lanes were generally quieter R (regional) and L (local) routes, and I didn’t encounter heavy traffic. Drivers were also quite used to seeing to recreational cyclists- this is the home of the Tour de France, after all!


IMG_8358IMG_8343My route took me through small villages and towns with charming names and buildings, and cafes with reasonably-priced cappuccinos and lattes. Even better, the routes were generally very well-marked!



I found the subtle beauty of northern French countryside hard to capture.

IMG_8361 IMG_8364IMG_8331 IMG_8332 This leg of the journey really evoked a sense of romanticism- for all I knew, Van Gogh himself may have painted the same scenery I was cycling past! IMG_8339 IMG_8340

Until next time, France!


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