Life on the road: thoughts on Japan

Yesterday marked five straight weeks of traveling by two wheels! The days have been varied, challenging, beautiful and never the same.  Adjusting to life in Japan was harder than I initially thought it would be- the language barrier can be strong at times, not being able to read anything in Japanese is quite a hurdle, and convenience store employees were not nearly as willing to charge my phone as I thought they would be! Silly me, in Korea this is very common and I assumed it would be the same in Japan. 

Although I’ve had some downright demoralizing moments and found biking on such busy shared pathways to be stressful, I’m so glad I’ve kept going. The one constant here is the sense of ongoing discovery and wonder, as I happen across another temple or market or gorgeous ocean view. I’m glad I started my trip in Korea- a country I was familiar with after nine months of living there. I’m glad I’d adapted to moving on the left side of the road in Australia- it was one less thing to adjust to here.

Along the way, I’ve had some delicious meals and seen some beautiful sights. I’ve almost reached Kyoto, which means I’m over halfway there! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next.

Stay tuned- it’s hard to find the PC time and mental energy to write, but I will at least occasionally! In the meantime, I recommend you follow me on Instagram, or check out my Facebook page as it’s much easier to post a quick photo during a Seven Eleven stop than it is to compose an entire blog post.

I found some great coastal camping spots in Kyushu.

Enjoying green tea ice cream and a view of the famous wooden Iwakuni bridge.


The gorgeous ‘floating’ torii gate on Miyajima Island.


The A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, a city with both a sad history and an optimistic future.


Getting up close with some friendly bunnies on Okunomishima Island.


Fantastic coastal sunsets in Okayama Prefecture.


A delightful meal of rice, fresh fish, miso, soft tofu and salad.




One of Osaka’s lively shopping streets.

 Have you been to Japan? I hope you enjoyed your stay, as I’ve been enjoying mine! And for my fellow travel bloggers- I’m so sorry I haven`t been reading your recent posts. It’s not for lack of interest, I promise! It’s very possible you’ll see an uptick in visits come November when I’m back at home with idle time and icy winds to keep me indoors.


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