I love Melbourne: Biking the Yarra river trail



With increasingly mild, clear weather on the horizon and a few weeks left to explore our temporary home, fellow exchange student Daniel and I elected to test out Melbourne’s Capital City cycling trail. Passing through many of the city’s most interesting inner suburbs, this trail is a popular way to enjoy a longer bike journey without straying far from the city centre. As you might expect, it is easy to duck off to enjoy some well-earned Italian food in Carlton, check out the beautiful Botanic Gardens, or have a flat white in a quaint café, well, anywhere.




It was quite neat to encounter this climbing wall along the way!


We didn’t complete the entire circuit (although at some point in the future I would like to)! Regardless, we had an enjoyable afternoon. The signs were well marked and the path was in good shape, and we only had a few small hills to contend with. Unfortunately, in typical Melbourne fashion, the weather wasn’t really on our side- we encountered some grey skies and light rainfall.


Capital city map

Higher-resolution map available here.


The essential Aussie tree: the eucalyptus!


IMG_6090 IMG_6095

The loop covers a total of thirty kilometers, although Daniel and I didn’t have time to bike it in its entirety (that’s yet another reason for me to return to a city I loved so much)! We ended up covering about eleven kilometers in total, starting at Federation Square (where numerous bike rental shops flourish) and turning around when we’d reached Bridge Road.
IMG_6099 IMG_6100 IMG_6101Having just finished a nice afternoon of biking, it seemed like the perfect time to indulge in some cupcakes- so indulge we did!
IMG_6102 - Copy

You can check out my experience at the Eureka Skydeck or exploring Melbourne’s art-filled laneways if you want to discover this city in more detail, although of course I encourage you to pay a visit of your own! 😉

Have you visited this fine city? What did you most fall in love with? 


4 thoughts on “I love Melbourne: Biking the Yarra river trail

  1. Nice pics Hollie. Is the Yarra River dangerous, with crocs etc? Your photos make it looks quite murky and deep. 😛 I would love to come to Melbourne one day, it’s the second-next OZ city on my list (after Cairns). But I wonder, do you think it possible to bike the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne from Sydney? Or is that too far?


    • Thanks, Lee! There aren’t any crocs that far south, although I have heard of river dolphins occasionally paying the Yarra a visit! (I never saw one, alas).
      Haha, well, the Great Ocean Road doesn’t actually go to Sydney at all. It starts in Melbourne and heads southeast around the coastline as far as Warrnambool. I do hear it’s an excellent route for bike touring, though! As for Melbs to Sydney, I do know that the drive is around 10-11 hours, so it would be a reasonable distance to cover by bike depending on time. If you take the coastal route, it will be less efficient, but probably a lot more beautiful! Cheers. 🙂


  2. There are literally HUNDREDS of miles of car-free dedicated bike/walking rides in Melbourne and the surrounding state of Victoria. They are called ‘Rail Trails’ because they have taken over small gauge rural train tracks that closed down in the last 20-30 years or so. they are fantastic! so is the 30 klm “Capital city Trail” that circumnavigates Melbourne in 30 klms.


    • Very cool, I didn’t know this! I have been on converted old rail lines in other countries and they are a great idea. If/when I go back to Victoria I’ll be sure to check them out 🙂


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