Discovering Seoul’s War Memorial

IMG_1557 IMG_1551Located just down the road from Itaewon and its international opportunities, the War Memorial offers visitors the chance to better understand Korea’s lengthy war-torn history. From battles during the Three Kingdoms era to invasions from the Mongolians, Japanese and Chinese, and most recently the Korean War, much of this peninsula’s history has been marked by war and conflict.


A map showing the layout of the complex.



Quite a peaceful place, really.

IMG_1552IMG_1556 IMG_1560 I greatly enjoyed my visit to the War Memorial, even though I am not usually as interested in wars as I am in other aspects of world history. There were a lot of historical artifacts and/or recreations, such as this scale model of a Joseon-era fortress: IMG_1567


I really enjoyed seeing all these replica ships!

IMG_1563 IMG_1565 IMG_1571The War Memorial is close to two subway lines. From Samgakji station (Line 6) take exit 1, 11, or 12. Alternatively, take exit 1 from Namyeong Station (Line 1). It’s a large complex, and not easily missed, so fear not. Visit Korea’s website has more information if you’d prefer to take a bus there. Bonus: admission is free, so even the most frugal of shoestring backpackers need not be deterred! IMG_1576 IMG_1577 After I’d had my fill of the indoor exhibits (I didn’t even see everything there was to see), I wandered around the grounds, where a variety of tanks, warships and planes have been installed.


It’s even possible to get inside many of the tanks!



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