East Coast getaway in Gangneung!

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to tag along with a good friend for a much-needed chance to explore areas outside of Gyeonggi-do province. We headed to Gangeung, a city of around 200 000 along Korea’s East Coast. IMG_5163Gyeongpo beach was a lovely place to relax. The sand was a little rough on the feet and the water was as chilly as a Canadian lake in late May (brr!), but the scenery was beautiful. Unlike many spots in Korea, it was just a beach, uncluttered by snack stands, souvenir shops and the like. Also, because we visited in off-season, we had the beach almost to ourselves.


Documenting the strange algae along the beach.



This degree of happiness brought to you by the sun, the sea, and good company.


IMG_5178 An elevated wooden platform with benches ran along a stretch of the beach, perfect for those looking for a break from the sand and direct sun. IMG_5179

IMG_5180 IMG_5181

Gangneung is a popular destination during cherry blossom season and peak summer months. We were certainly lucky to encounter as few fellow travelers as we did! If you’re interested in visiting this place, it takes around 2 1/2 hours to get there by direct bus from either Dong Seoul or Express Bus terminals. IMG_5182We kept wandering afterwards, and found a perfect spot for a Scrabble game, sheltered by pine trees and featuring a man-made waterfall.


‘Petitzel waterjelly grapefruitade’. Interesting and reasonably tasty.


Azaleas in bloom.

IMG_5186 IMG_5200IMG_5205

After our Scrabble match (I won by a wide margin), we walked further down the beach and feasted at a local restaurant, enjoying several types of kimchi, kelp soup, and two dishes with fresh raw fish. It was the perfect meal, minus one detail: IMG_5204This (not-so-little) guy, who found it hard to leave me alone!!

When was your last getaway to the coast? Have you had the opportunity to experience any of Korea’s beaches? 


8 thoughts on “East Coast getaway in Gangneung!

  1. Gyeongpodae is our favourite beach in Korea…though to be fair, we haven’t visited all that many of them. Last time, we visited the first weekend in September and hubby went for a long swim, and wouldn’t you know, they sent the police boats out after him, to make sure he was okay. Lol…I guess Koreans don’t swim after August 31st. 🙂


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