Tastes of Korea Tuesdays: Vietnamese eats edition!

Unlike lesser-known gems like Cambodia and to some extent Korea, Vietnam is well-known for its varied and flavourful food options. With dishes like pho, spring rolls, bun cha, and banh mi sandwiches, Vietnamese food hardly flies under the radar. It’s very possibly that you’ve encountered at least a few of these dishes, but I hope they offer inspiration and/or nostalgia nonetheless!


Mi xao don thit bo, or crispy rice noodles served with bok choy and beef in a rich sauce. Enjoyed, of course, with a local beer in Hanoi.


Bun cha- grilled pork with rice noodles and leafy greens. 

Flavourful seasonings and incredibly fresh produce tend to be the rule rather than the exception. If you’ve sampled Vietnamese dishes in restaurants back home, just imagine how much more delightful these meals taste when served in their country of origin!


Fresh produce in the streets of Hoi An.


Com chien- Vietnamese-style fried rice with egg and cilantro. Served with fried spring rolls, soy sauce and jasmine tea. This recipe isn’t quite the same, but looks divine regardless. 


Cao lau– thicker noodles with greens, pork, and crispy fried wontons. 


Steamed rice cakes wrapped in bamboo leaves, in preparation for the Lunar New Year in Hoi An.


Fresh produce while shopping in the markets for a cooking class in Hoi An.


Cam sanh, an incredibly flavourful citrus fruit found in Cambodia and Vietnam, among other places.


Fresh spring rolls made during the cooking class in Hoi An.


Banh xeo, or crispy rice pancakes.



Beef and rice noodle salad.


Probably the most instantly recognizable- rich, flavourful pho!


Crispy chicken feet in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon).


Dried persimmons purchased before an express bus from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have any pictures of banh mi, although I did enjoy it several times. This baguette sandwich contains cucumber, cilantro, chili sauce, mayo, carrots, and a variety of meats. The flavours are fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Vietnamese cuisine! If you’re eager for more, check out my post on my cooking class experience in Hoi An. What’s the most delicious Vietnamese dish you’ve sampled?


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