4 things about me

This post was inspired by Isabel of The Sunny Side of This. I enjoyed her post, and realized that I rarely write anything personal. Here’s your chance if you were hoping to get to know me a little better!

4 things about my appearance


Hiking along Bukhansan last weekend.

I wear glasses, because contacts are a bit too uncomfortable to be worth it most of the time. Someday I’ll have lasik surgery done!

I almost never pluck my eyebrows- they have a nice shape to them without me having to do anything.

I wear a lot of earrings. They add so much to an outfit!

My height is 5’5”, or 1.64 cm- I’m ever so slightly taller than you, Isabel! 😀

4 jobs I’ve had

Street team member for Recycle Everywhere- I went around to summer festivals and events and talked to people about recycling.

Canvasser for a citizen-based environmental organization.

When I was 15, I worked at my aunt’s law firm. I wore jeans and sneakers, listened to my iPod and reorganized files in a storage shed. It was very relaxing!

English teacher in Korea- my current gig!

4 places I’ve been 





4 things in my purse

My wallet

My iPhone

A reusable water bottle

A T-money card for buses and trains in Korea!

4 things I can’t live without 


Diverse, interesting people to talk to


Fresh fruit

4 favorite things 

High-quality chocolate


Reading in cafes or at home on grey, rainy days

Friendly cats!

4 things I don’t eat/drink 

Sugary sodas (they’re not good for me, and not good enough to be worth it!)

Boendegi, or boiled silkworms- the only Korean food I detest!


Looks as bad as it smells. Tastes as bad as it looks. Once in Cambodia, once in Korea- that’s enough for life. 

SPAM/highly processed meats – not into it.

Oreos. This has caused conflict with a couple of my friends 😀

4 favorite foods

Gamjatang- Korean potato and pork bone soup

Perfectly ripe mangoes

Fermented/cultured foods! I’m definitely geeking out on those. Here are my kefir, makgeolli and kombucha projects (although normally they are separated to avoid contamination)


Toasted sourdough with raspberry jam- oh, how I miss sourdough!

4 things I will do this weekend

(I’m heading to the east coast for a beer and makgeolli festival this weekend, so…)

Walk along the beach

Sample new and exciting varieties of makgeolli

Get into some intense Scrabble matches

(Possibly) hang out in a hot tub!

Which begs the question- what are four things you will be doing this weekend?


13 thoughts on “4 things about me

  1. Such an interesting post about you. I’m sorry contact lenses makes your eyes uncomfortable. Maybe you haven’t found the right pair yet. I wear contact lenses and it feels great. But sometimes at the end of the day at the office, my eyes get dry – blame the heated air in there 🙂

    I don’t think I can live without music in my life too. For every moment in my life, I can put a song to it. Music blocks out noise, and when we need some inspiration or want to unwind too, it can be a great friend 🙂


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Mabel! Contacts used to be ok, but in recent years they’ve caused more trouble. Maybe I will try some different brands in the future, but for now I can accept just wearing glasses.
      I don’t listen to music in every moment, but it is wonderful, I agree. There’s such a diversity of music we can listen to depending on our mood and what we’re doing! 🙂

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  2. Very cool! I wish I had the mojo to keep up a blog. Then again, I would have to be doing interesting things and going to very exciting places =D


    • Thanks, Liz! It definitely does take time, but it’s also a lot of fun. Who knows, you may still have some very interesting things to say! One can always be a tourist in their own area. 🙂


  3. Hahaha, yes! You are taller 🙂 I also hate wearing contacts. Great idea in theory but in practice it’s so uncomfortable. SO nice that you will going to the beach! I’m so jealous right now!!!! haha Ah btw, soon I will have some Cambodian cuisine classes, hopefully I don’t get the chance to try what’s there in your picture haha!


    • That’s awesome, Isabel! I’ll excitedly look forward to seeing a post on that. Lok lak is good, and fish amok is my fave! Khmer cuisine is not as well-known, so it’s more interesting to explore. 😀


  4. Great idea for a post! I may have to follow suit 😀

    Those worms look absolutely disgusting… I doubt I would have been able to try them! Well done!


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