Cherry blossoms on a misty morning in Korea

It’s springtime in South Korea, and with milder temperatures and longer days comes the advent of the cherry blossom front. Sweeping its way across the world from lower to higher altitudes, the ‘Cherry Blossom Front’ has long captured the imagination. In Japan and Korea alike, people congregate in parks and cherry tree-lined streets, drinking, picnicking, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The fleeting nature of this beautiful display makes it all the more special. Think, for instance, of tart crimson pomegranates, all the more treasured because they are available only for a few short weeks during Christmastime.


Magnolias blossoming.

With this in mind, I went for a wander on a cool, misty morning, hoping to catch my first glimpse of cherry and magnolia Β trees in bloom. I was not disappointed.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_4783 IMG_4813


I also encountered this fellow, strutting around at the park.

IMG_4820Having finally experienced cherry blossoms firsthand, I can understand why they cause such a frenzy worldwide. Tokyo, Seoul, Vancouver, Stockholm, London, Darjeeling- all around the world, people flock to appreciate these beautiful trees while they can!
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????I grew up in a Canadian city with winters too severe for cherry trees to survive, so this is a real treat. What about you- have you been lucky enough to live or visit a city during cherry blossom season?


18 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms on a misty morning in Korea

    • It is a beautiful place! I feel like Japan and China get more attention, but Korea has a lot to offer, and it’s pretty easy for visitors to navigate, especially if you learn Hangul!


  1. Beautiful series of shots ~ nothing quite like cherry blossoms to feel great for the day. Just returned from Seoul last night. Love the city, culture and especially the food. Cheers!


      • For our simple lunches, Zha-jiang mian and bbq made of for the majority of meals, with kimchi at every meal (I have become addicted to kimchi the past few years!). πŸ™‚


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