Something different every time: Melbourne’s street art laneways


???????????????????????????????Melbourne is a wonderfully creative city overflowing with art, culture, and awesome things to do. Its bright, colourful laneways filled with street art should come as no surprise.


The ephemeral nature of the laneways is what makes a visit so exciting. Sections of the wall are continually painted over and transformed, and if you wait long enough, you may return to a completely different scene. Case in point: when artist Adrian Doyle painted the entirety of Rutledge Lane pastel-blue, it only took 45 minutes before artists began to colonize the newly-blank space. I visited this laneway mere days after it was painted over, and new artwork had already sprung up everywhere!


Even the dumpsters were painted blue!

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I visited laneways located right in the heart of Melbourne, close to Federation Square and Flinders Street. These include Hosier, AC/DC and Rutledge Lanes. If you’re in central Melbourne, have a wander around. The city is full of gems just waiting to be discovered, and coming across these laneways feels a bit like stepping into another world. Other areas with street art can be located in some of the Inner Suburbs, but I’m not familiar with these places.


Ah, the infamous Ned Kelly- hero or villain, depending on who you talk to.

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Stencil art by Banksy!

???????????????????????????????For more Melbourne excitement, check out my tour of the Eureka Skydeck, and stay tuned for more posts!


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