Taste of Korea Tuesdays: Beijing Wangfujing Market edition! (beetles and baozi)

Scorpions and seahorses and grasshoppers, oh my?!

One can find all those items and more at the Wangfujing Food Market, one of the more well-known places to sample Beijing’s more unusual street food. For the not-so-brave, there is familiar fare, including dumplings (baozi) and fried prawns…

… but for the adventurous, get ready for quite the culinary experience.


Wangfujing is located in central Beijing, just east of the Forbidden City. At Wangfujing Station, either take exit A and cut through the Oriental Mall, or take exit C1 and head north up Wangfujing Street. There are also at least half a dozen buses that can take you there. The food stalls are open between 6 and 9 pm most evenings (although they were closed when we first attempted to visit! Admittedly, this was during the Lunar New Year holidays).


Pancakes made with bamboo (cleverly shaped like the plant itself!), and topped with purple cabbage.


Fries and an egg shaped to look like spiders!

There was a side street packed with souvenir stands as well- but let’s be honest, we were there for the food.





Maybe not this particular offering, but still. 

IMG_4491??????????????????????????????? IMG_4488 IMG_4470 IMG_4472

IMG_4506Probably the most adventurous thing we tried that evening was the roasted grasshoppers! We willed up the courage to try them following Sophia’s assurances that they were, in fact, delicious.

I have to admit that she was right! They made for a crunchy, peppery, flavourful snack- although the legs take some getting used to.  ???????????????????????????????Jaye was less impressed (but to her credit, she did give them a fair go).
IMG_4485 IMG_4493

IMG_4495 IMG_4498

IMG_4466“Only in China!”, we exclaimed numerous times over the course of the evening.

What’s the weirdest food you’ve sampled during your travels?


7 thoughts on “Taste of Korea Tuesdays: Beijing Wangfujing Market edition! (beetles and baozi)

  1. Seems like a good experience, even though the bugs were not up to your tastes! The weirdest thing I tasted was also at Wangfujing, probably a lizard. Very rubbery. However, I haven’t eaten anything more squeamish than that (not that I can remember anyway).


      • Yep we did try those! But in China! Never seen them for sale in Korea. I might be teaching in Korea next year (March or August)! So I will get so much time to check out all these weirdo snacks 😉


      • Haha, what did you think of the silkworms?
        And that’s very exciting! Will you go for a public or private school position? Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions 🙂 I’m hoping to buy my own domain soon, and set up a site-related email!


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