Taste of Korea Tuesdays: cookin’ up a storm

After months of mostly sticking to the easiest home-cooked meals, it’s like I’m finally making up for lost time. There’s such an array of recipes and flavours to experiment with in this country, and I’m having quite the time recreating classic Korean dishes!


Such as japchae, a crowd-pleasing mix of colourful veggies, egg and/or meat, and chewy sweet potato noodles, mixed with flavourful garlic and sesame oil.

IMG_1300 Doenjang jjigae- a hearty soup with a pungent fermented soybean paste as its base. I was a bit alarmed at the strong smell the anchovies and soybean paste produced while simmering, but I’m happy to report that the end result was quite delicious. IMG_1353 Simple and delicious breakfast- sauteed veggies, eggs, and kimchi, with a smattering of sesame seeds on top.

IMG_1368 And my favourite recipe so far- gamjatang!! This delightful soup is a mix of pork on the bone, potatoes, and vegetables such as bean sprouts and cabbage.

IMG_1371For those of you feeling inspired, I highly recommend Maangchi! A Korean-American posting videos from her home in NYC, her recipes are straightforward and authentic. More importantly, every recipe of hers I’ve followed has been successful!


But of course I still like to go out and enjoy meals with friends- in this case, the Meat-ing restaurant in Hongdae. This place offered all the meat you could eat in an hour and a half, with all the standard Korean BBQ sides, for a mere 13,000 won. Samgyeopsal, galbi, marinated meats, mushrooms, kimchi, dumplings, salads- it was well-worth the price. IMG_3758


6 thoughts on “Taste of Korea Tuesdays: cookin’ up a storm

  1. Hmm, it all looks delicious!
    I am also a big fan of Maangchi! Another website I can recommend is Crazy Korean Cooking, the two ladies are crazy indeed…but they have very good step by step instructions


  2. Nice post, made me hungry! 😉 I also recommend Maangchi, I follow her YouTube channel too 😀 Back to your post, the first pic of Japchae, that must be one of the least Koreany dishes for the western palette! But I love them! And that brekkie looks nice too! 🙂


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