I love Melbourne: the Eureka Skydeck

???????????????????????????????Melbourne, Australia. It’s a city packed to the brim with creative souls, fantastic coffee, top-quality dining and a million things to do. Not as big and not quite as iconic as Sydney, perhaps, but every bit the essential Aussie destination. The weather might be especially temperamental at times (rain to sun to wind to rain again, in the span of ten minutes) but that alone could never deter the souls who fall in love with this city.

I had the good luck to live here for over three months as an exchange student, allowing me to become intimately acquainted with many of the city’s charms. On one particularly warm and sunny October day, I visited Melbourne’s tallest building- the Eureka Skydeck- with a few good friends.


??????????????????????????????? Located just south of the Yarra river, the 88th-floor viewing platform offers an incredible vantage point over many of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings and spaces- the NGV, ACMI, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Botanical Gardens, and Flinders Street Station, among others. Although Eureka Skydeck’s 297-metre height is much smaller than the CN Tower’s 533 metres, or the Burj Khalifa’s 828 metres, it offers the highest viewing point in the southern hemisphere! 
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????We stepped out onto the outdoor observation deck, which was a rather gusty experience! For serious thrill-seekers, one can pay for the Edge experience- stepping into a room with a glass floor. It sounded rather neat, but my friends and I opted not to spend the extra money to do so ourselves.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????The Eureka Sydeck offers a Sun-and-Stars pass for a few extra dollars, enabling two trips in one day- so visitors can appreciate Melbourne’s views both in bright sunshine and as the city comes alive at night.
??????????????????????????????? In the interim, we walked around, crossing a pedestrian bridge covered in locks bought by couples to signify their ever-lasting love. My friends even bought a lock of their own and returned to place it on the fence!


Not my friends’ lock, just a random one I liked.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????We returned to the Skydeck as the sun was sinking low in the sky, so we could once again appreciate the birds-eye view of the city we’d grown to know and love over the past few months! 
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


6 thoughts on “I love Melbourne: the Eureka Skydeck

  1. It’s great finding out more about Melbourne. I lived in Sydney and the whole time I didn’t get visit! Now my brother-in-law lives in Melbourne think it’s a great excuse for us to go now! The views are really amazing 🙂


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