Duck, duck, ddeokbokki



I live in an area with a lovely little park, I mutter to myself as I wait for the fourth train of my subway journey.


It’s so peaceful in Yongin, I sigh, as I rush to the stop before midnight to catch the last bus home.

It’s certainly frustrating to live so far from the action in Seoul. My area is well-connected, sure, with express buses running every five to fifteen minutes, but I do sometimes wish I was in the midst of the excitement. Hotteok stands down the street. Buskers. Late-night hubs full of crowds and cheer within walking distance.

But as long as I continue to get out and appreciate the serenity and beauty of the natural world, I’m fairly certain I can accept this tradeoff.


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Anyway, it’s not as though I’m truly isolated. Within a 200-metre radius of my apartment I can go to the bank, get a haircut, buy some groceries and choose between at least 20 different restaurants.

Ducks in a pond one moment, hot ddeokbokki the next. I guess I’ve found the best of both worlds after all!



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