High points in Seoul: hiking in Namsan Park

???????????????????????????????Namsan mountain, located north of Itaewon, once formed the southern edge of Seoul’s city limits. Nowadays, development has fully encircled the mountain. Fortunately, 3 kilometres of land within Namsan Park have been preserved for citizens to enjoy.

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Namsan is only 243 metres high, making it an easy crowd-pleasing hike. For those with more limited mobility or limited desire to climb mountains of any height, several bus routes or a cable car will take you to the top. Namsan also offers great views of downtown Seoul, including Insadong, Myeongdong, Itaewon and the Han river, at least on a clear day!

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There are many, many different well-developed paths in the park, and I ended up on a bit of a roundabout route and discovered lots of little attractions along the way!



For example, Lotus Pond- not as lively, but still beautiful, in the middle of winter.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????As long as one follows the signs to the N Seoul Tower, they will make it to the top eventually (and there’s a good chance you’ll see the tower looming over the mountains for at least part of your trek!)


It was an overcast day and the views weren’t very good, so I elected not to pay to go to the top of Seoul Tower. It’s something I’ll save for a clear day, and hang out at the top while the sun sets and the electric lights begin to light up the city. The tower adds 237 metres to Namsan’s 243, and is the highest point in Seoul, at least if Bukhansan’s Baegundae peak is excluded. I’m sure the views are spectacular!

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