Capturing moments- golden hour in Yongin, South Korea

According to Facebook I live in Seoul. It’s what I say when asked by acquaintances back home. For simplicity’s sake, travelers often refer to the largest metropolitan city near them when asked where they’re from, and I do the same. After all, how many people have heard of Woolloomoloo, Australia? Brampton, Ontario? Belton Epworth, England?


Anyway, I live in Yongin. A relatively sparsely populated stretch of Yongin, even, despite what the skyscraper apartments might tell you. And fortunately, my area has a lovely little walking trail and pond to enjoy!

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IMG_3222 IMG_3221

For the record, I absolutely cannot recommend walking/skating on the ice on this pond- there’s no way it’s been consistently cold enough to be safe! I was busy photographing the ducks when a boy fell through at the edge of the ice. Fortunately, his sister had dragged him out of the frigid water before I could get close enough to help. Still, things could have ended up much, much worse! Where were the parents?!


It was a mild day, and the sunset was soft and gorgeous!


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