Fluffy sheep and creamy lattes at Thanks Nature Cafe

IMG_3190I finally did it! I I finally was able to pet big soft fluffy sheep and drink delicious lattes in the same hour. What more could I ask for?


Thanks Nature Cafe in Hongdae had been tempting me for some time (not to mention all the cat cafes, dog cafes, arts cafes…) Koreans are obsessed with coffee, and what better way to appreciate one’s cup of java than in a fun themed cafe?


Imagine my delight when not one but TWO sheep came over to be fed!


The owners obviously take good care of their fluffy friends. The sheep looked happy and healthy, with wonderfully soft, thick coats. They’re definitely doing just fine in this chilly Seoul winter! While Soozie and I were visiting Elsa and Anna, a caretaker was in the pen, keeping an eye on things and offering grain pellets to visitors so they could feed the sheep.



Although the cafe may have been able to get away with mediocre drinks and desserts, I’m happy to report that our lattes were quite delicious. Perhaps not as fantastic as the flat whites I remember drinking in Melbourne, but quality coffee nonetheless. Soozie and I were full from our Chinese lunch (egg-fried rice with black bean sauce, and sweet and sour pork), so we passed on dessert. We somehow held firm on this decision, even while seeing tempting plates of green tea, chocolate or fruit-topped waffles enjoyed by patrons around us.




Thanks Nature Cafe is located near exit 9 of Hongik University station. It is at basement level, so keep an eye out for this sign and then walk down a flight of stairs.



And keep an eye out for the sheep!



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