Taste of Korea Tuesdays: guess what, chicken butt?

Posts under the Taste of Korea Tuesdays category have declined lately. I eat every day, of course, but my meals don’t seem as noteworthy as they once were. Still, one thing is worth mentioning- POMEGRANATE SEASON! They’re generally around $1.50-$2 here, and are as delightfully flavourful as one would expect.


What to do with those delicious ruby-coloured arils? Pomegranate pancakes, topped with Greek yogurt and honey!


Last weekend, I went out for beer and side dishes with two coworkers. The chicken-and-green-onion skewers were damn tasty.

IMG_0992Next up was chicken feet. It may be way-out-there for some, but I’ve eaten them on a few occasions, and they’re something I find tasty enough.

Now, think back to your adolescence. Remember the stories of some friend of a friend’s uncle eating pig buttholes in China? The mystique surrounding mysterious body parts and organs alleged to be fine dining experiences in Asia?

My coworker saw the word 똥- literally, ‘poop’- on a menu item, reasoned that it was probably chicken buttholes, and then decided we should definitely try it. And if we absolutely couldn’t eat it, we would be out 1800 won- hardly a grand expenditure.

Funny thing was, when they arrived, he was the only one who chickened out of trying them!



I couldn’t get the picture to focus properly, but here you go. To translate the menu listing literally, ‘poop-home chicken’. Mmm.

We were technically eating the sphincter muscle. It had a crunchy-chewy texture, and didn’t taste bad. Still, once is enough for this lifetime. And now, for the rest of my life, I will always have that story of the time I ate chicken buttholes with my coworkers in Korea!


In the ‘exciting Christmas things’ department, one of my favorite students, an adorable little girl named Annie, gave me a box of high-quality chocolates! If you’re wondering if one can get really nice chocolates and pastries in Korea- you definitely can, if you know where to look!


In other news, I received a Christmas package full of North American chocolates and homemade cookies from my grandmother. What could beat homemade shortbread? I’ll have to enjoy these very, very slowly or else I’ll be discovering that none of my pants fit! ^_^ IMG_1037

What’s your favourite Christmas treat? Ever eaten weird chicken parts in a foreign country? I’d love to hear your when-in-Asia stories!


6 thoughts on “Taste of Korea Tuesdays: guess what, chicken butt?

  1. I have always heard that Korean food is more delicious than Chinese and by the looks of this I can tell that is true! So much yumminess, bon appetite Holly. Great post idea!


    • It really is! It’s nice to get an in-depth exposure to a country’s cuisine, rather than just having time for the highlights. Do you have a favourite Korean dish?

      I arrived in mid-August and only tried it a couple of times before it started to get too cold. I’ve had green tea patbingsu, and berry bingsu. I quite like it when it’s made well! Makes for a nice light alternative to ice cream.


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