Meals worth staying for.

Food and drink options for Taste of Korea Tuesdays seemed to have thinned out a little as of late, at least until I went looking through slightly older photos. Maybe it’s because what was once exotic and exciting has become my new normal (a very delicious normal).

If you’ve been to Korea before, maybe these photos have you wishing you could return. If you’ve yet to visit, perhaps this serves as a visual reminder on why traveling here would be well worth it!

Like shabu-shabu. It’s technically Japanese, but fits right into Korean cuisine. (And look, it’s served with kimchi here, right? Korean.)


Shabu-shabu makes for a full dining experience. A pot of broth is heated and plates of veggies, beef, seafood, rice noodles, kimchi and sauces are brought out. Diners add ingredients as they go along. You’ll easily spend at least an hour there and you will leave full and very, very happy.


The word is an onomatopoeia, derived from the sound the ingredients make as they sizzle around in the hot broth. You’ll soon see what I mean if you sample it for yourself!


This is Sarah. We are full. We are happy.




Although the photos don’t do it justice, this meal is fantastic and visually appealing! It’s a spicy stew of tofu, kimchi and pork, served with rice, ddeokbokki, white kimchi and other veggie side dishes. The bowl with the chopsticks contains beansprouts, dried seaweed and gochujang, perfect for mixing up with some of the rice and egg for bibimbap (mmm).

Where does the egg come from? Diners simply grab one from the basket and crack it into the hot stew!


I’m glad my friend Soozie and were accompanied by our awesome Korean friend Irene, who could explain the process behind this seemingly complicated meal!



Probably my weirdest food discovery so far: poop-shaped red bean waffles! Why, Korea, is there this obsession with things poop-related? 



Poop-shaped lantern above the shop.


Another strange option for this post’s last image: skewered octopus, covered with mayonnaise, some sort of dark sauce and flakes of dried fish. A little on the messy side, no doubt, but tasty!


In other exciting news: fellow ESL teachers are starting to consider their Lunar New Year holiday options! In two short months, I may be off discovering the food, culture and sights of an entirely new local. Beijing? Taipei? Osaka? Manila? I’ve yet to choose, but I’m very excited to be able to make such a decision!

Fellow travel bugs, where do you think I should visit? ^_^



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