Taste of Korea Tuesdays: It’s strawberry season! (among other treats)

Certain aspects of life here in Korea beat those in Canada by far. It’s late November, and the weather is a solid 22 degrees warmer than it is back home- despite it being nighttime here, and late morning there!

The availability of good produce year-round is so far kicking Canada’s butt. Not only is there a longer growing season, but produce from the southern hemisphere is starting to appear now that fall is at an end!

Strawberries. Juicy and delicious. In November. Mmmm.


I’ve also been having fun sampling new options at a local bakery. Usually whatever I pick out ends up being at least a slight surprise. I predicted this would be a fluffy pancake-esque treat, containing chocolate chips and nuts, or perhaps blueberries.


Nope. It’s actually a dense cake made of glutinous rice flour, containing, of all things, green peas and red beans. Still tasty, though.



This is a peanut creme-filled bun, topped with streusel and icing sugar. It can’t beat a sticky bun from Jonnies, but hey, I still like it.




Korean deep-fried veggies: twigim! I can’t pretend they’re healthy, but they make a nice occasional snack from a food cart. The one below consists of glass noodles wrapped in seaweed, then deep-fried.

IMG_0806 IMG_0805

Bonus if your twigim piece has an (octopus) tentacle!



On Sunday I hiked along the Namhansanseong fortress wall with an awesome Korean man named U.S. Afterward, we had pajeon (green onion and seafood pancake) and sonbundu (soft tofu, a less-common variety of kimchi and rice mixed together). Worth a mention here!

What’s the best new food you’ve tried lately, in Korea, in Canada, or wherever you may call home?


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