Travel Rewind: revisiting Khmer paradise (pt. 1)

Sabai sabai? (Are you happy?)


Land of gorgeous beaches. Warm-hearted people with a wonderful way of understanding life in all its pain and beauty. Iced coffees. World-famous temples. Angkor beer. Here I’d come again. Just seven months earlier, I’d spent two weeks in Cambodia for my brother’s wedding to his wonderful wife, Srey. My second visit was part of a wider Southeast Asian backpacking loop, and there was something wonderfully refreshing about coming back. Although the thrill of the unknown will always intrigue me, my return to Phonm Penh was a welcome one.  I could hop in a tuk-tuk once more and rediscover all these familiar sights, with memories of what I loved so much about this country flooding back to me.


And, of course, memories of wonderful people I love 🙂



On my first trip to Cambodia, I visited many of the most famous and important sites with my family: jungle treks, the inimitable Angor Wat and other temples, bustling Siem Reap, the Killing Fields and the S-21 prison. This time,  I opted simply to relax over Christmas New Years.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! (happy reunion at the airport)


Things worth doing in Phnom Penh:

  • Have an iced coffee overlooking the Mekong. 



  • Say hello to the monkeys. 





  • Let the fish give you a pedicure (if you can keep yourself from cracking up- those with ticklish feet, be warned!)



  • Visit the Royal Palace- it’s a gorgeous, intricate example of Southeast Asian architecture. 

IMG_8893IMG_8860 IMG_8868IMG_8865IMG_8870
IMG_8900 IMG_8902


  • Very, very important: hang out on the beach with a good book and a fresh coconut! 





  • Visit the island of Koh Rong for a slice of paradise. 



And, if you’re lucky, a fire-spinning show!



Paradise is discovering a beach like this- and having it almost entirely to yourself.


I love you, Cambodia! Stay tuned for part 2.


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