Taste of Korea Tuesdays: what’s cookin’ in my Korean kitchen?

Tempting as it may be, it is generally unwise to live entirely on restaurant and bakery purchases, no matter the country. Here in Korea, I do, indeed, make meals of my own, even when buying groceries is barely cheaper than going out for donkatsu or gimbap or ddeokbokki.

Below I’ve included a few of the standout meals I’ve cooked up over the past couple of months.


 This made for a nice hearty breakfast option- eggs scrambled with green onions, cherry tomatoes, fish cake slices, leafy greens and red peppers, served with coffee and toast.




When the local grocery store is offering 5 eggplants for 1000 won, who can pass up the opportunity to make rich, flavourful shakshuka? This Israeli dish is made by sauteeing finely diced peppers, eggplant, mushrooms and peppers, adding cinnamon, cumin, chili and pepper, and steaming whole eggs on top of the veggies.



IMG_0048Kimchijeon! This super-easy staple is created by mixing flour, kimchi, kimchi juice (or water mixed with chili paste if there’s not enough liquid in the kimchi jar), green onions and any other veggies you have around. In this rendition I added some bean sprouts and green pumpkin (a zucchini-like member of the squash family).

Fry this concoction up until golden and crispy on both sides, cut into strips or chunks, and go to town! 🙂


IMG_0070 I bought a package of rice paper, and went to town making spring rolls over the course of the next week. Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, peanuts, rice noodles, fish cakes, carrots, green onions rolled into delicious, healthy meal option.


I’ve still got 40+ rice papers, so more spring rolls will certainly be on my menu in the future 😉


I made this meal in an attempt to balance out my excessive consumption of delicious fried things and bakery treats. Here, I kept it fresh with a sesame oil and vinegar-topped sprouts-based salad, sauteed sweet potato, green pumpkin and peppers, and sunny side up eggs.


Stay tuned to see what I whip up next!



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