Waeguk moment- a shoutout to my wonderful friends back home!

Let me interrupt all the Korean-this-Korean-that blogging I’ve been doing (exciting though that may be) to give a shoutout to my friends back in Canada.



This girl has been an important part of my life for close to three years now. Few friend duos are as awesome, fun-loving and completely ridiculous as Katherine and I are when we hang out. Katherine, you may not be much of an environmental canvasser, but you are the best in every other way! (Except remembering things, you suck at that too.) LOVE YA




The night before I left, my friends insisted on taking me to Bridge Drive-In, a classic element of Winnipeg’s culture that I had only visited once before. This seasonal ice cream spot pretty much always has lineups, and that’s because their ice cream is rich and delicious, and their location alongside the Red River and a pedestrian bridge makes for a nice atmosphere. Their specials are ridiculous and uniquely tasty- the Goog Special combines a blueberry shake, hot fudge sundae and banana chunks in a feat of dairy genius.


Ryan is one of my favourite people ever- you know how good friends are the ones that say, ‘yeah, I feel ya’ and mean it? Ryan, I feel ya on a spiritual level. We could turn any small mission into an adventure. I won’t forget the time we had to pick up my racing bib for a run, which was a 20-minute drive, and we blasted System of a Down and songs from Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and sang along with maximum enthusiasm.

Teresa and met in university, and not only is she one of the smartest, most critically-thinking and morally grounded people I know, but she’s also a great friend! ❤ Teresa witnessed many silly moments in my life, like the time I went bowling in a short dress (oops! Learn from my fail!), and she loves to tease me about it, but in a (mostly) kind-hearted way.


Matt is… Matt has a wonderful way of thinking I can’t really explain. Matt likes efficiency, not doing things because things are hard, frequently slothing, and making delicious Mennonite food (Matt doesn’t share food. Matt sometimes shares food. Matt is a bit of a contradiction.)


Once, I was slowly coasting my way towards a red light in a bike-bus corridor when I saw Matt for the first time in ages. I looked at him in shock. He looked at me in shock. As I continued to roll by at a near-standstill, he reached into a bag and handed me a piece of rollkuchen (delicious Mennonite fried dough). “Holly!” and “Thanks, Matt!” were the only words exchanged, and I continued on my journey as the light turned green. Best seeing-friends-while-biking encounter of my life.
I wonder if anything will ever top that.


Faces probably something like this.




Katelyn holds a very special place in my heart. She’s a marvelously loving, kind person and creative and intelligent to boot. We met when we dated the Penner brothers- I dated the older brother and she dated the younger- and we promised that no matter what happened in our relationships with the boys, her and I would stay close. We’ve made good on that promise! Our Folk Fest adventures this year were a definite highlight.



Cynthia and I have been friends for almost six years now! She’s smart as hell, into really neat things like grammar, Canadian history, Star Trek and hangin’ out with cool cats, and I’m sure glad I have her in my life. She’s pretty much the only friend from the area I grew up in that I’m still close with.

I’d also like to send my love to Z and Alison, who know just how great they are (or so I certainly hope! You are, you sure are! You brought so much joy to my life every time I came home and one or both of you were there!

I’m sure you can understand why saying goodbye to my friends was the hardest part of leaving Canada- but the best thing about true friendships is that they will still be strong despite the distance- and they make for glorious reunions someday!


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