Hello Toronto! (written from my hotel in Yongin-si, but we’ll get to that)

First off- yes, I have made my way to Yongin-Si, which means that this post may not be as exotic and intriguing as those to follow- but hey, Toronto’s a pretty cool place. I’ve only been once, 6 years ago, when I last saw Ashley, one of my oldest friends! (Seriously, we’ve known each other for 15 years. That’s 60% of my life!)

I also reunited with Daniel, an all around solid guy I met as a fellow Canadian on exchange in Australia. Finding each other outside Dundas station reminded all the times we had to look for one another at Southern Cross or Flinders station and a million other great adventures that followed. Funny, too, because Toronto reminded me just a little bit of Melbourne, and a bit of Montreal, with Yonge Street having a similar feel to Rue Ste Catherine. TO had a hip big city vibe overall, but nothing I noted in my brief sejour that really made it distinctive.


Daniel met me first, and the two of us soon joined up with Ashley and her girlfriend Jen. PS- they’re ADORABLE.



Hey Daneil- wanna eat some flafel?


This guy waves to subway cars as they go past. Such a kind soul!


We used some tiny subway tokens to trek around the city, exploring exhibits on China, Korea (hey!), Rome, Greece and Egypt at the Royal Ontario Museum, eating delicious wings and burgers (it was a healthy day- NOT)


Fun fact- Egyptians believed that paying for the burial costs of a sacred animal was a pious act.

I stayed in student residences at Ryerson that are used as a hostel-type environment in the summer. 21st floor, and a room with a view. Is this what my apartment in Korea will be like?! I’ll find out soon enough. Right now I’m in a hotel courtesy of my school until the teacher currently in my apartment finishes their term.

Stay tuned!

View from my 21st story room- quite a nice location, too!


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