That moment when it really hits you.

I’m sure not everyone experiences this- we all prepare for travel and new life challenges differently.

But for me- there can easily be months and months of thought, preparation, excitement, fear, planning, as I get ready for another journey. And yet a sense of unreality pervades as I ready myself and whittle down the tasks on my to-do list. Then suddenly, a single moment triggers it. I stood on my front steps on a cool, breezy evening after a deep conversation with someone I care about- and it finally hit me. This is REALLY, ACTUALLY HAPPENING. It triggers a wave of emotion, an entirely beautiful and unsettling feeling, as I want to laugh, cry, and roll around on the lawn in the cool, breezy evening. This is my life. This is what I’ve planned for, this is REAL, and when Canada wakes up on Saturday morning, I’ll be experiencing my first moments on a Saturday afternoon in Seoul. I’m terrified, overjoyed, determined, uncertain, giddy, and most important; I am ready for these experiences. Let the next year of my life shape me in beautiful and unexpected ways.


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